Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tour to Yault and Gardenia Bread factory (19 nov 08)

YY and me joined the factory tour today organised by the Chong Pang CC. There are many kids with parents and a handful aunties, coming in a group. First stop the Yault factory. The company respresentative gave us a detail briefing with video screening before the tour. She even use the microscope to illustrate to us that every drop of Yault contains "Live" bacteria. It is a good experience. Do u know that even the bottle is made in Singapore and Singapore Yault bottle is actually bigger than the other selling in SEA, although it is smaller than it competitor Vitagen.

Our second stop is a quick lunch at IMM. Follow by a visit to the Gardenia factory. Once we step into the factory floor, we can smell the bread aroma in the air. The factory is relatively small but fully automatic. The cooler is the most impressive. It is a big cyclinder tube with many trays in it. The freshly baked bread will go into the cooler while it is cool down before packing.

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