Tuesday, May 17, 2011

centipede (17 may 11)

Saw this beautiful centipede at the Woodland Waterfront. The background with the peddles at the playground looks as if it is under the water.

woodlands waterfront (17 may 11)

Today is public holiday. Decided to join janice and po po on a trip to the ulu ulu woodlands waterfront. This is actually our second visit to the park but this time we reached there much earlier and have plenty time to sit down and enjoy the weather. Charlie did not join us as TV was showing hello kitty cartoon when I left home in the morning.

During our first visit, night fall shortly after we are there. yy did not attempt the tree top walk but just climb a few steps on the jungle gym with his daddy pushing him behind. This time with janice around, he was much more adventurous. He climbed up the tree top walk (part of the jungle gym) three rounds without fear while I attempted it once. It was neither scary or too high just that I have not try out such activities for a long time.

Other than the jungle gym, there are other activities like swing, slides, exercise corner, a long bicycle tracks and a big field for flying kites

I tried the jungle gym on my own a few rounds after seeing some young kids climbing onto it with no difficulty at all. But I failed. Later I realised the trick to do it is to climb round and round it instead of climbing upwards. YY was bold enough to lead the way and guided me on where to place my next step. we only managed to go half way up as it started to get a bit cram with a few young little kids above us. next time I will wear something more comfortable.

handwriting (16 may 11)

Noticed yy writes very neatly for his school works. Accordingly to him, the students are not allowed to strike off or insert words with arrow symbol. Because of this, he spends too much time on his homework especially composition as he has to rewrite the whole sentence and sometimes the whole paragraph to make some correction.

Before SA1 exam this year, I emphasis to him several times that it is all right to strike off and use arrow sign. It would be better to erase and forget what he is supposed to write after that. When I got back his exam paper, I am not surprised to see a neat pcs of work. That is what we parents called the "Teacher's Power".

Monday, May 9, 2011

ecosystem (9 may 11)

yy school selling enclosed ecosystem for $36.90 each and he wanted to get one. So his stingy mummy which is me decided to diy ourselves.

we bought mineral water x 2 bottles, 3 shrimps x $3 each, 2 snails x $0.50 each and a water plant x $3 each. Total cost incurred $13

Some corals and stones available at home.
Just put everything together and this is what we have. a shrimp in the bottle. Rather small but much more interesting than fishes as you can see their movement in the tank. Unfortunately, 2 of the shrimps was found dead after 2 days. Not too sure why. Should be due to raising temperature in the water. The last shrimp survived for another week and now we are left with only 2 snails after 2 weeks.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

kose mask (8 may 11)

did u notice the little patch of mask on charlie's cheek

my vain girl has been very interested with the facial product, body lotion and cosmetics I put on my face and body. This evening I put on Kose black mask. As usual, the girl got attracted very soon and started asking questions to satisfy her curiosity

charlie : what is this ?
mummy : it a mask
charlie : why you put on yr face ?
mummy : so mummy will look pretty tomorrow
charlie : will look pretty after put on face ?
mummy : yes of course if not i put it on for what. you want to try too ? (thinking she will refuse cos it is black in color)
charlie : will I look pretty too
mummy : yes .... (mummy replied in a very certain tone)
charlie : ok
so i put a small round patch on her cheek. after which, charlie went to look at herself in the mirror and came back to me.
charlie : i want the WHOLE face like you.
mummy (faint)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Project from Just Kids (4 may 11)

This is the 3rd home project assigned by charlie school this year and infact I would say the easilest. The early two are a family tree and a floor plan of your house cum activities you carried out in them.

I managed to remember to take photo of the artwork before we submit to school.

Notice from school advising us on the project details.

We brain stormed on the ideas while Charlie did all the drawing herself except for the recycle symbol. I did help out with the coloring. I was rather impressed with the final pcs.

I know the pic is upside down. Just could not get it right.